Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Here's last Wednesday's picture:

And this is what it was cropped from:
Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm :-)

One of my friends and I exchanged Christmas Stockings this year...long story short, one of the things in my stocking was 5 tins of this lip balm, so I could have one in my purse, at work, in the car, everywhere and not be without it :-)

Anyyyyway, most every one of you got it right...again! Hmmm...wonder if you guys are just getting smarter? Here's what the first five of you said:

Lisa was the first, altho she wasn't exact: " lip gloss in a pot..."

My blogless cousin, Mel: "Lip balm, wax of some kind or you're got quite a cold and what are you saving that stuff for?"

Kandy: "I think it is lip gloss in a container of some kind."

L-Squared: "At first glance it looks like a fingerprint in something like maybe lip gloss"

Sara: "I'm going to say "lip balm"!"

These next two, both medical professionals, made me laugh:

Heather: "It makes me think of a petri dish... :P"

Laura: "hey, what are you culturing there?"

So...courtesy of L-Squared, my co-contributer...
What is it?