Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Here's last Wednesday's picture:

And this is what it escaped from:
Yummy, delicious cashews!

Almost every one of you got it right!

Goofy Girl: Looks like it is a nut!! (ok, she wasn't specific, but she's cute and she does a HELLUVA blog design!!!)

Robin: "Ooh, ooh, it's a cashew! (Hey, that rhymes LOL.)"

Laura: Yep, Im going to have to go with cashew - salted of course!

Dyane: A lone cashew, acting as a distraction so that the rest can escape before being munched!

Michelle, who's currently blogless, said very succintly: "It's a cashew."

MaryEllen, more commonly known as ME, who is also blogless, said: Oh thank goodness its a cashew, I was feeling so sorry for that little Travelocity gnome fella.

Mel, my blogless cousin, was the last; she said: It looks like a cashue to me.

Susan had the funniest one: "Dammit, I always knew I'd lose my nose the minute it wasn't attached to my face!"

On this, the first Wednesday of 2008, L-Squared, my co-contributer, has provided the picture!

What is it?