Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What Is It Wednesday #86

Here's last Wednesday's picture, fromL-Squared:

And this is what it was cropped from:
Rainbow off a CD :-)

Four of you knew what this was!

First was SisterAE: "Hmmm. Is this something reflecting on a CD or DVD?"

Next was Michele R: "I think it is either a CD or a DVD."

Third was Wil: "I say it is the back of CD/DVD that is near some lights, maybe Xmas tree lights"

Lastly, Sunfire said: "I see pretty colors like that when I leave my CDs and DVDs data-side up..."

A couple of you flashed back to the 60s or 70s, if you know what I mean ;-)

What is it?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What Is It Wednesday #85

Here's last Wednesday's picture:

And this is what it was cropped from:

Six of you knew what this was and Julie not only finally got one right, she was the first: "Seaweed????????? Haha, I have no idea, as usual."

Next up was Wil; he's from Maine, so not only did he get it right, but he even pontificated about the variety: "Looks like sea weed to me. Possibly Alaria Alaria esculenta variety..."

Next up was Tommie: "Looks like sauteed onions....maybe a red onion even."

Third was my blogless cousin, Mel: "Seaweed! " We spent enough summers at the beach and she grew up on the Cape!

Fourth was my blogless friend, MaryEllen, who excitedly said "seaweed" Can you see some happy pills in her future?

Fifth was SisterAE: "That's seaweed on the beach. I spent a hours (once upon a time) avoiding it."

And finally, sixth was Martoon, he's from Scotland: "A big lump of seaweed ready to pop?"

Way to go, you guys!

Funniest comment was GoofyGirl: "alien glitter slugs!! ;)"

L-Squared, my co-contributer, has provided the picture this week. So...
What is it?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What Is It Wednesday #84

Here's last Wednesday's picture, from GoofyGirl, who played the part of guest photographer (thanks, Heather!):


And this is what it was cropped from:
cookin' up some onions
Some onions being cooked in some olive oil and red wine! Sounds good, eh?

Only four of you knew what this was...I have to say, I'm disappointed in Laura especially, the Italian cook who doesn't know onions sauteing when she sees them, who said: "ummm...GROSS! PuhLEASE tell me you didnt put that in your mouth!"

Michelle was the first: "very thinly sliced onions that are in oil or about to be sauteed." Smart girl!

Next up was Tommie: "Looks like sauteed onions....maybe a red onion even."

followed by ZenMomma: "How about some sauteed onions?"

and finally Talon: "stir fry onions"

Congratulations for having a great eye! Lots of you guessed bean sprouts or worms...which is what I would've thought it was :-)

I did something different this week...I didn't post the comments of those that guessed correctly at first. Fair or unfair? I kind of liked the idea!

What is it?

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

What Is It Wednesday #83

Here's last Wednesday's picture, from L-Squared, my new co-contributer:

And this is what it was cropped from:
The inside of a pumpkin!

Most of you got this, hurray for you!

Again, DebR was the first one to get it right (I SWEAR I'm not tellin' her the answers):

"Pumpkin guts! (No, that's not a curse or an exclamation of distress. That's my guess.)"

HAHAHA that just cracked me up! Need I tell you I went around exclaiming PUMPKIN GUTS! for the rest of the day? Probably not ;-)

Here are the ones that amused me the most:

- Fleur-de-Lisa: "Stringy pumpkin guts!" because it reminded me of an old childhood song:
Great green gobs of greasy grimy gopher guts
Mutilated monkey meat
little birdies dirty feet
etc., etc., ad nauseum

What? You NEVER sang that? It was just me? Figures...

- Martoon, who was clearly filled with the holiday spirit: "Because of the timing I am thinkin it might be the inside of a pumpkin but it also kinda looks like a big pile of veins :D HAPPY HALLOWEEN haha."

- Chelle: Not so much for what she said: "I know what that is. It's pumpkin guts." as for the fact she shared HER picture of pumpkin guts "My take on it is here"!

- Susan Helene Gottfried's comment was by FAR the most in depth...and wicked funny:

"Not pumpkin guts. No way.

Those are actually the innards of a zombie. Those thin threads explain how and why zombies lose so many body parts; they simply tear and the body part is left behind.

In rare cases, the threads can cause spontaneous regeneration, allowing the lost limbs to return -- only to be shed again.

It's a rough life, being a zombie.

- The Lisa Show who laughed at my comment and therefore deserves mention: "Okay, I was laughing at the flames of hell comment. Pumpkin innards."

As always, thanks for playing!

This week, we have a guest photographer, none other that the person who designed this blog, GoofyGirl!

What is it?