Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What Is It Wednesday #85

Here's last Wednesday's picture:

And this is what it was cropped from:

Six of you knew what this was and Julie not only finally got one right, she was the first: "Seaweed????????? Haha, I have no idea, as usual."

Next up was Wil; he's from Maine, so not only did he get it right, but he even pontificated about the variety: "Looks like sea weed to me. Possibly Alaria Alaria esculenta variety..."

Next up was Tommie: "Looks like sauteed onions....maybe a red onion even."

Third was my blogless cousin, Mel: "Seaweed! " We spent enough summers at the beach and she grew up on the Cape!

Fourth was my blogless friend, MaryEllen, who excitedly said "seaweed" Can you see some happy pills in her future?

Fifth was SisterAE: "That's seaweed on the beach. I spent a hours (once upon a time) avoiding it."

And finally, sixth was Martoon, he's from Scotland: "A big lump of seaweed ready to pop?"

Way to go, you guys!

Funniest comment was GoofyGirl: "alien glitter slugs!! ;)"

L-Squared, my co-contributer, has provided the picture this week. So...
What is it?