Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What Is It Wednesday #80

Welcome to the new home of What Is It Wednesday! Nice and clean and bright, just like how I wish my own home is! Many thanks to Heather for such a fantastic job. She has the unique ability to bring my ideas to life with minimum input from me. If you're looking for a new blog design, I have no problem recommending her design services wholeheartedly and with complete pleasure!

Here's last Wednesday's picture:


And this is what it was cropped from:

A beautiful, glossy Horse Chestnut atop a gorgeous autumn leaf. I still think the cropped pic looked like a baboon's butt!

Funny how many of you said slugs, or better yet, snails...mmmm, I'm hungry now!


Toss up between SilverWillow "A dried up date? And no, I am not refering to my last romantic encounter! LOL" and DebR "Uuuuhhhh...Damn. I don't even have a creatively smartass answer this week, never mind a genuine guess. What IS that thing??"


Robin: "Hmmm...could it be that mummified baby that crazy family keeps as an heirloom in NH??" (she sent me the link to the newspaper article...eewwww!!!)

As always, thanks for playing! By the way, all photos used in What Is It Wednesday are marked as "private" in my flickr account...that's so no one can view the picture at a bigger size to get a better look!

So this week...
What is it?