Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What Is It Wednesday #81

Here's last Wednesday's picture:


And this is what it was cropped from:

a downed birch tree limb seen during a 5 hour hike in Vermont

Most of you got it; some of you very nicely amused me by saying Ent butts, Hedwig's eye, a 400 year old mystical spirit, the eye socket of Old Man Willow or some poor bastard who needs a plastic surgeon!

Also, DebR asked: "(Why are you doing WIIW on a whole separate blog now??)" I just wanted separate blogs for both the What Is It Wednesday and the Friday Fill-Ins. The first one to come up with a good reason wins a prize!

As always, thanks for playing! By the way, all photos used in What Is It Wednesday are marked as "private" in my flickr account...that's so no one can view the picture at a bigger size to get a better look!

So this week...
What is it?