Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What Is It Wednesday #82

Before we start, I'd like to welcome L-Squared as my co-contributer to What Is It Wednesday! She was doing something similar on her blog, and I thought...hey! Let's do this together, cause, you know, sometimes it's TOUGH thinking up photos to shoot ;-)

Here's a bit about L^2, in her own words:

I have a "dog's eye view" of the world as I rely on the eyes and intelligence of my Leader Dog (dog guide) Willow, a female, yellow (liver-nosed), Labrador Retriever to lead me through the chaos of my life. I also have a yellow (liver-nosed) pet Lab, Stella, who is a crazy, happy, never-ending bundle of energy. I have two Physics degrees, and a great love of astronomy (despite my inability to look up at the night sky and see anything but darkness). Other loves include crochet, music, photography, books, and writing.

So please give a hearty welcome to this talented photographer; it's her picture you'll be guessing today :-)

Here's last Wednesday's picture:


And this is what it was cropped from:

Some sea gull had a good meal!

DebR was the first one to get it right, altho she wasn't quite sure of what she was seeing: The background looks beachy, so I'm thinking maybe that could be part of a shell...or maybe a claw, like a crab claw? Although the edges don't quite look right to me for it to be that. Hhhmmm....

Here are the ones that amused me the most:
ME: A Blue Poppet after a really fun night with the pink poppet on the beach.
Transvestite Bait: looks like scaggy witches teeth or perhaps the claw of a, what were those creepy flying things in LoTRs? [two Tolkien references in two weeks, folks, she's on a role!]
Random and Odd: "FEED ME, SEYMORE!"
Robin: I'm going for burnt graham crackers - looks like there was a terrible s'more accident here.
Mel: I think it is something that a witch cooked up on the beach. She had her big black cauldrons, a pinch of bat hair, one frog, some spider legs and a giant crab claw, which fell onto the fire and burned the edges of it. Then the witch tossed it in and ate it all up. YUMMY!
T: Yikes, I'm thinking Larry the Lobster needs to use a stick or something to make his s'mores! Not just hold his ingredients over the flame of the bonfire! OUCH!

As always, thanks for playing!

So this week...

What is it?